Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a UK government program to encourage giving to UK registered charities. Gifts made to MIT could qualify for Gift Aid if they are made to the MIT Foundation (UK). By using Gift Aid, you can increase the value of your gift. Currently, for every £1 you donate, the Foundation will receive an additional 25% from HMRC. For example, £1000 = £1250 to MIT.

Am I eligible for Gift Aid? You are eligible if you pay UK tax at the basic rate and what you pay in income and/or capital gains tax at least equals the amount the Foundation will reclaim in the tax year. For more information, refer to the HMRC website

What types of gifts qualify for Gift Aid?

Gifts of money, made by check, credit card, or wire transfer qualify for Gift Aid.

What types of gifts do not qualify for Gift Aid, yet are accepted by the Foundation?

Gifts received from a corporate entity, a foundation, or by payroll deduction do not qualify for Gift Aid, although the Foundation can accept them. If you give land, property, or qualifying shares to the Foundation, or sell them to the Foundation at less than their market value, you can claim income tax relief and capital gains tax relief. Such gifts, however, do not qualify for Gift Aid.

How does Gift Aid work?

To qualify for Gift Aid, complete a Gift Aid Declaration form and include it with your gift payable to the MIT Foundation (UK). The Foundation will then apply to HMRC to claim a portion of the tax you have already paid. There is no limit to how often Gift Aid can be used to make gifts to the Foundation.

If I make my gift online, would I still be eligible for Gift Aid?

Yes. Gifts made online, over the phone or via post are all eligible for Gift Aid if they meet the criteria listed above. When giving online, you will be able to indicate that you would like to receive Gift Aid for your donation.

What are the tax benefits for giving to the Foundation?

You can get the benefits of UK Gift Aid subject to your specific circumstances. If you are a UK tax payer paying the higher rate of tax, you can claim further tax relief in your Self Assessment Form. Please contact your tax or legal adviser for more information.

Can I leave a bequest to the Foundation in my will?

Yes. If you leave a gift to the Foundation in your will, its value will be deducted from your estate before Inheritance Tax is worked out. Please consult your tax or legal adviser for more information.

What currency can I give?

Pounds Sterling and US Dollars.

How do you determine the dollar value of each gift when made in a foreign currency?

The dollar value is determined at the time the check (in a foreign currency) clears our account, which can take 3-5 working days. As soon as the funds have cleared, the sterling is transferred into our dollar account which is the value we will receipt the donor.

Will my company match my gift through the Gift Aid Declaration?

Yes, if your employer matches gifts to UK charities.